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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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The politics of culture and consumerism. On one level it‘s a double-edged sword in that you do something ans somebody listens to it - it‘s that system.

Z‘ev uses metals, and has to do with the fact that you can go out and build and create your own music - you don‘t have to go out to a store and buy the latest musical things. It is on one level anti-consumer technology.

The stealing is one aspect, the recycling is another. It involves looking for a solution. If I go somewhere, like to a junkyard, my sense is developed to the extent that I can look at something and have an idea what it will sound like. (...)

At the "On Broadway"-gig, the first piece I did was about 12 minutes. I was consciously aware for maybe 3 or 4 of those minutes, and the rest of the time there was this level where I would have no idea what I was actually playing. Because you get a basic groove, as it were, and then you let that groove groove itself... show itself. And that's so the actual message of it can appear... the process of pure form.

In the summer of '80 I was working with a Haitian man, learned quite a bit from him toward understanding the Caribbean systems of voodoo drumming. In voodoo, the drum patterns are the calls - if there's going to be an invocation of a particular spirit energy, it's a drum pattern that calls that energy.

So I started learning about that - I became much more linked up to that system. I've used it subliminally, but I haven't really dealt with it that much overtly because it's difficult to do, to keep the concentration. Because if you call an energy down, you have to be able to deal with it. And if you're doing shows night after night, for example, you have to be very centered, otherwise the energy will not leave. And so I'd walk off stage and I would not be me anymore.

It's very traditional that the drum is synonymous with communication in most cultures; in Africa they say "I got it on the drum". There is this language to rhythm were there's a meta-message occurring. (...)

Taken from:
RE/Search 6/7: Industrial Culture Handbook. (1983). -


Thanks to Z'ev.

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