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Wolfgang Sterneck
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- Beatnigs / Beat Nigs
- Beatnigs / Television
- Beatnigs / Street fulla Nigs


The word ”Nig” is a positlve acronym derived from the word ”Nigger” and is used by the the members of the Beatnigs. ”Nigger" (a description of the stereotypical ignorant, lazy black person) has lonq been used as a tool of degradation against. African Americans. Other dehumanizing words are used to describe other ethnic groups but because ”Nigger” is the most common of all these words, ”Nig” has taken on a universal meaninq in describing all oppressed people who have actively taken a stand against, those who perpetuate ethnic notions and discriminate on the basis of them.

The importance of shortening the word Nigger as opposed to creating a new word is that ”Nig” serves as a constant reminder that things have not and will not change until we change them. It is vital that we remember that in the eyesight of the majority of people in America we are still Spics, Chinks, Kykes, Dykes, Queers, Sandbugs, Punks. Hippies, White Trash, Cripples, Bitches, Old People, Wops, and Niggers - and let us not forget it ... because they will not let us forget it.

Beatnigs, 1988.




One nation, under one God
has turned into one nation
under the influence
of one drug.
And one man
who is the master of this medium,
our president, Ronald Reagan
the drug of the nation,
breeding ignorance,
feeding radiation
TV! Is the reason
why less than
ten percent of our nation
reads books daily
Why most people think
Central America means Kansas,
Communism means unamerican,
and apartheid is
a new headache remedy.
Where the Cosby show is walched
by rich whites
and Dynasty ls watched by everybody
TV! Is the stomping ground
for political candidates,
where bears in
the woods are chased
by Grecian formula'd
bald eagles.
Where all you need
to do to get elected
is make monkey movies
(Just ask Clint and Ronnle)
and where straight teeth
in your mouth are more important
than the words
that come out of it,
TV! Is the place where
self-cancelling phrases
like Pop-Art
and Military-intelligence
have become standard.
TV! Is the place where
words are redefined
like "Contra"
to "Freedom Fighter",
and Sandinista
to Repressive Regime,
TV! Is where the pursuit
of happiness has become
the pursuit of trivia
where toothpaste and cars
have becomc sex objects
and where Sesame Street
is more real than Hill Street!




A street fulla people
with fog in their heads.
A street fulla people in chains.
A street fulla people
when the lights come on tomorrow won't change.
A street fulla transfers
attatched to waving arms.
A street fulla dirty drivers
in shiny cars.
My street's fulla dollars
held as tiqht as wrinkles in their hands.
A street fulla Nigs
in nylon leather jackets
A street fulla blacks who are chained.
A street fulla 'TV's
shouting morals in their ears.
A street fulla complainers
in Macy's suit.s
A street fulla faceless names.
A street fulla privileged sufferers
settling for Italian motorcycles.
And it might lead to a Iife in the White House
or it might lead to a wife and a white house
I don't know!
But the day I die
The day I die!
It’ll be a normal day
for the people on the other side.
A street fulla Nigs

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