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- Origami Republika / Origami Republika
- Origami Republika / ”Constructing an organism ...”
- Judge Replika A95 / The Christ Complex


Origami Republika is the main enzyme with a number of subunits, each holding a main focus; dealing with a specific cultural or musical style, genre, philosophy, format or method. The meme is planted firmly in the soil of the international cultural exchange network, and from there it is intended to grow at its own phase. Ad Infinitum.

The various units of Origami Republika have been present in public 200-300 times in 20 countries; presenting concerts and sessions, happenings, performances, exhibitions, via mail art shows, collaborations and gatherings, in the streets and in secrecy, on radioshows and more, always facing as extremely varied target groups as possible. Art at the Rock Club. Rock at the Art Space.

We have actually seen that it was possible to create a cultural sphere wide enough to include both humour and seriousity, both politics and romantics, both hope and depression, both hi-tech and lo-tech, both past and future, both this and that... Where there are no rules but the sharing of expressions. These 10 years have proved us right. This is as free as it gets, people join us all the time, new constellations show up, more or less temporarily in good fashion. The more 'regular' bands and artists are adding weight to their cv's, the inner dialogues are kept up and visible for those who really read these pages in detail. The tales of weird places and events are multiplying, new and exciting tasks will be given us. We still have seen no need for any limitations, as this is the Freedom Operation.

Much will become apparent in the book 'The Almost Invisible Art Of Origami Republika', a real book for which our websites have become a kind of organic draft, as the archives are now appearing online, details being constantly added; lists, texts, discographies being completed and thus becoming more visible. Thus our work in progress will become the collective autobiography of our collaborations.


... We are constructing an organism ...


We are a cultural collective that consists of persons chosen by will or by random.
We work directly with energy, easy documentation, functionalism and creation.
We define our combat area as widely as possible. Then we send our agents out.
We stand with shiny eyes, watching the organism gaining control over itself.
We are no part of any sect or circle, but we believe in the effects of modern myth.
We are not afraid of being defined as naive. We´re naïves with knives.
We intuitively see our capability of expression as a privilege. We feel obliged to perform.
We state that the Origami concept is more of a field-study, than a band or project.
What we learn will be published in time. We are constructing an organism in solid space.
We are aware of the ones who came before us, and hopefully we´ll unveil the continuity.
We are at war with the forces of alienation. They tell us the world has become smaller.
We hold action to be the greatest of all arts. Audible architecture is construction.
We accept no borders between cultural expressions. We explore and exploit them.
We abolish the weak concept of post-modernism. We merz effect and affect.
We utilize any method or model to reach our aims. We run on enthusiasm and devotion.
We realize that the fun lies in variety. Boredom and restraint are the ultimate enemies.
We demand our right to be taken seriously, even if our sharpest sword is a smile.
We hold tradition and history to be important for defining the present.
We reject the definitions of cyber-this and cyber-that. We are not technoids.
We aim at placing old-fashioned networking as a preditor to the new digital networks.
Aesthetics and shaping are our prime objects. There is a battle.
Wehave to state again that arroganse and fascism are cowardice and digressions.
We clearly and shamelessly dissolve any separation between race, religion and sex.
We know there are complex problems to be solved. We carefully watch our steps.
We only have one world, butdimensions. We know that our time is limited.
We have moved away from the preset patterns and into unknown areas of existence.
We suck from the source of information and interaction. We do not drown in it.
We know that this statement could be three times longer. We are just at the beginning.

For Origami Republika; Robert Thorndyke Jr 14


Judge Replika A95:


While visiting The Vatican some two years ago, I saw this really sexually arousing game of hundreds of people queueing up to kiss the bronze feet of a Jesus sculpture. Oooh, it made me long for my girlfriend. The shining eyes, the great charge of KArisma. Gruesome Beauty. Jesus In Furs.

Christ, the Man, the Myth, the Manager, has provided hope and comfort and gathered strength among people in hard times. Origami Republika want to state it quite clearly that we gather Jesus Christ to be a source of great relief. He never hurt anybody through his words or actions, was it a psychosis or the truth, 'was he ever alive?'; same effect. The effect of his Presence in myth has provided shelter for many a lost musician.

Christians, the Fan Club, the Self-appointed Flock is basicly like any other social or cultural group, as differentiated as everyone else, some good some bad in all people. It would be a contradiction in terms if we were to limit the freedom of choice for millions of people, specially regarding something we're not part of. There is in our context one general problem; the submission to a Father Figure. We understand this need among people, but reject the incestous connotations this relationship breeds. As in any other social group, there is always cowards that don't dare do anything without any (fake) authority guiding them.

Church, the Backstage Of Broken Dreams, is an empty building. The Congregation makes it special. The Church should be about that, a room for contemplation, an absolutely material fetish, a solid fundament for showing attention to themes beyond the bleeding obvious, and not about the cynically political and egoistic powergame of individuals. Jesus Christ can not be held responsible for what the word junkies, image masturbators and control freaks have been putting on in His name. Regarding the energy wasting imagery of death worship, satanists, mansonists, wetdream apocalyptics, occult neovikings, black metal stuff in the cultural networks: We do not share the Christian good/evil concept of God or human action and thought, so to us choosing The Opposite would be ridiculous. For us there exist no Opposites, just Parallell Circles. We are a good, sober, charming, intelligent, sexy relaxed and alert parallel to Christianity. We wish for Good to happen, and we walk this path with them, with all that want freedom and food for all. Trying to be evil all the time is the utmost betrayal to Self, as you'll always get your kicks if you Want them. The Message of Christ is not the Decrees of the Priests, so we hold no argument against it. Jesus is an anarchist that needs no God but a Friendly Father.

We are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Bhuddist and Bahai project. We are Jains, Sufis, Protestants, Catholics, Autonome, Zen, Taoists, Atheist, Ag- and Gnostics. We believe in all as it is not true. That's why we live and breed. There is nothing to worry about in these matters because of it. But there is human laws about respect and mutual responsibility. Important rules for survival. And in most cases, they kill each other without our help, so why not be the Red Cross of the clusterbombarded religious and philosophical market. Remain totally objective. Try to always place our bets on the losing team. There is Victory.

No New Age, No Light In The End Of The Tunnel. Simply Because There Is No Tunnel.

In front of God we are all the same. As in front of the mirror.

Double-O-Seven-Seven-Seven. (1995)


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