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The Fire This Time:
- Indigenous Resistance
- Free Dub

The Fire This Time:

I.R. is a new music label launched in 2003 by The Fire This Time that explores the twin themes of Indigenous Resistance/Indigenous Reality. Issues and examples of indigenous resistance and Indigenous reality that normally dont receive attention will be highlighted through our releases.

I.R also refers to homegrown insurrection and the fight against injustice everywhere.

I.R is intimately connected to the TFTT freedub project. Hence there will be opportunities to recive vinyl, books, posters free of charge.

An autonomous venture, I.R releases comes together with a minimum of resources but with a maximum of cooperation and care from those involved in the project; a family of loosely affilated folks who believe in the spirit and deed of resistance. We all have the capacity to fight the beast. We all have a part we can play.

Resist injustice! Fuck Babylon!

The Fire This Time:

FreeDub has always been an integral part of The Fire This Time work. We have made available our recordings for free inside prisons, to people on the street, community workers, aboriginal youths and freedom fighters.....

Now internet provides another way to FreeDub. On this page you will be able to download music for free, view art, poetry and other writings devoted to the fight for Freedom

Dubist Philosphy :
" Accustomed to exaggerated displays, people of today associate a grimacing face, tightened and inflexible muscles and loud insistent voice with strength. But these displays are merely the signs of insecurity, a distorted psychological defense mechanism. This strategy relies on ego. Ego makes us blind to reality and causes many mistakes. If someone talks too much, or promises too much, I cannot trust their words. Too often words are not an honest form of communication.
Actions do not lie. Daily lifestyle does not lie. You must learn to look past the mask to see the true heart through intuition and perception. People are only making small entertainment with their wild emotional displays. They are actors who have forgotten their true reality." - Mitsugi Saotome-

Thanks to TFTT.

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