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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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Hanin Elias:


" ..Fatal is a sign of resistance. The whole world is built up on male structures. That is why it's a men's world.But isn't that the reason why everything is so screwed up???? We want to represent a balance.A natural balance. Women are the most important and the most responsible part on DHR FATAL! We have our own statements, thoughts and music. It's gonna be a movement to change the music business and the whole world! It's gonna be FATALE!!!!"

After a deep sleep "Fatal" was born."Fatal" has awoken and means change, rebellion, and resistance! Balance does not exist in our world. There has never been a fair distribution of power. This is primarily due to a lack of female factors. My longing for comrades-in-arms is disappointed again and again by brainwashed, consumption addicted "girlfriends" who seem to find fulfilment as pretty accessories to successful "boys" in the fashion, sex and cosmetics industries. In "Fatal" girls are not some decorative accessories. "Fatal" is a force against the male-driven music industry and its great heroes.

" She" is resistance, not some male fantasy and not a super-megamodel. We are fighting for humans, not for puppets in a stupefaction machine. What exactly is so emancipated about the woman of today? They are slaves of the male dominated media-fashion-diet industry. We are still being used just as much to build up male self-confidence. Our bodies have become an effective method of advertising and they get thinner all the time! "Fatal" does not want to enrich the male world. It wants to change it, like a tiny wheel turning against the flow in a giant clockwork. Bit by bit there will be more and more tiny wheels! Ignore us and you'll never awaken from your slumbers. Those who have gone before us, the female terror and intellectual organizations from the '20s, '60s and '70s are not dead and forgotten. Riot girls, hip-hop women are pushing the movement forward. And now? "Fatal" screams above everything! "Fatal" unifies all music and musicians, all the sympathizers, everything connected with an autonomous electronic movement on DHR. Many women will take this way of chaos of order without rule. This is the highest form of organization! Our aim is the destruction of power, money, industry, state and god! We have recognised that the state is not a phantom, it is not an unassailable, anonymous creation. Rather it is the expression of certain power structures, especially those determined by commerce. God is an invention of the early male world. Men have never come to terms anywhere with the fact that women have children and by doing this create life. They seem small and unimportant. Thus they have invented for themselves and for us a super man: god. The creator of the universe. This is so obviously grotesque and unrealistic, you'd fall off your seat laughing if it wasn't still believed in and "practiced" across the world. The creator is a man? Ha ha! We're not going to let this society continue throwing sand in our eyes, a society that only wants to quieten us down and exploit our senses. Be realistic! Demand the impossible!

Berlin, October 4, 1998

Hanin Elias:


Fatal is a platform for women and also for men. The label gives them the possibility to make electronic music without technocratic expectations and to spread it. No one is an outsider because they don't speak the language of specialists and technicians, as long as the music is special and has THE Energy.....of the Fatal Label: dark, aggressive, hypnotic, full of fever, pain and know what I mean... You don't have to prove how much knowledge you have, about things nobody cares about anyway. That's the Reason why the label is first of all a chance for women, because they did'nt had one in the electronic musicszene so far. Women had to fit into a machoworld of posing, strange "for men only"-rituals, statussymbols and pseudoperfection. Boys and girls had to learn that only the strongest can survive, that boys who are more sensitiv and intellectual than others get laught at and they where often called "You girl !" AntiLesson1) Beeing a man is better than beeing a girl. But if you are a girl and you behave like a boy should, everyone is disgusted. AntiLesson 2) You better believe the stupid girlmagazines which tell you how to look and behave !!!!!! In nearly every commercial is a message like this to keep men and women apart from each other. They seem to be so proud of their mansworld and wanna keep things as they are. It's the same as racism to degrate women as sexobjects, as stupid, as vamp or as animals , as secondclass. But everyone seems to exept it. We don't !!!! How far has the Mansworld come ???? It's time to set ourselves free and start to think in a moredimen- sional world, then we can live in one someday ! There is a live beyond the mainstream we only have to live it ! Technic can help us to get there, we only have to use it in a different way....but first of all we have to look different as ourselves and our sisters. Society gave us a brainwash.... We see each other as a competition because we don't have the same Chances as the Guys, for example in every Movie you see so many different male characters but only one, two or at least 3 women. In most bands there is only one female singer (if there is a girl in the Band at all....). Dont you find that strange? With Fatal we learn more from each other, we wanna feature our friends and wanna see them grow with a new kind of selfesteem That has nothing to do with powergames or hirachy. The world is a mad place, let's find out a way to live in it. It's gonna be fatal....for some people....


Hanin Elias:


I just want to let all of you know that Fatal-recordings is of course a Platform for women but also for men who have politically and idealistic the same ideals of expressing themselves against a global-capitalist first world surroundet by half-starved third-world-people who are named evil and bad by our political leaders in our names! We fight against conformaty but also against tight dogmatic rules and we don't close our eyes and mouths when we see that things are wrong. Fatal is not in the first place a feminist Label . Of course we stand up for women but we also discuss everything and we don't want to create a fanatic stillstand._I really planned it at first place but then I saw so much interest of men, girls, women and boys to help building up Fatal-recordings and they all really supported the idea so that I felt stupid to say Fatal-recordings is a label only for women. We really need men and women to work together to have the right tension and go together to a next level, everything else is just a monoculture. It's more of an attitude-thing to be a member of fatal than the little difference of sex. There is so much to do and we live in a strange time where everything wants to prepare us for war and hate,I don't see any need of not working together for a better future._Boy-Girl-Revolution!_Fuck all rules and Dogmas but keep your Principles_No Conformity, No Stillstand, No Black or White, No Good or Bad,_It's all in you! You don't need to decide, accept it all in you and there will be Peace.

Berlin, August 2002

Dank an Hanin Elias.

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