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Luix Saldaña:


The place is steaming flavored and creamy, people are dreaming asking themselves “what should we do for this new beginning? How will we instill life with a new meaning?...” as an answer for the collective question The Dreamer-Prophet follows with a reading from the messages of the timeless Toltec glyphs...

“Toltec is not a blood-race, to be a Toltec is a higher state of being, Toltec is a tribe of impeccable artists aiming at spiritual, physical and mental perfection”. “So we must work hard to unite all the positive circles, and we must full-time work really hard to inseminate loads of love, life and focus into the vastness of the emerging tribes... The World as a Gypsy First Nation Camp, eco-freaks in a religious deliverance with “The Mother”... spreading then: spiritual enhanced awareness all around sprouting from our planetary grassroots initiatives... a blooming sense of family identifying by the will of making it better and real... the awakening of the collective conscience working for unity to shape up a healthy global purpose... unity with a set purpose to make our selves stronger to really spark and fire up all that good tribal energy into”... here comes an expansive dwarfing on the sound-board splitting the brain with the following meaning... “The creation of a worldwide network of self-sufficient and self-sustainable Eco-ceremonial towns”... For now i would like to call these towns “Tukipa“ which in the mexican indigenous Huichol language means “The House of all that is Sacred“... “Tukipa Network... a Seven Directions Enterprise.” And The Growing Dwarf The sound-Master keeps on spinning like a mad driver from decibel’s heaven, and trying to catch its collective breath, The General Public is in a wild neuro-haze, unsure of what’s the sound-force or pointed formula coming next... Question mark floating on the blue sky like the mother-ship of inner-doubt, Many-Heads million eyes looks puzzled and expectant... million souls calculating that now is the time to be repentant... million hopeful creatures building up the trust to hip-hop on that blue eco-funky sky-bus... then The Dreamer like a professional butter dealer, evenly keeps spreading on the creamy dream...

“Ideally a Tukipa should be integrated by 13 neighborhoods, aesthetically and permaculturaly defined by green spaces according to lifestyles, projects or areas of interest. It shall have a communal center with a recording studio for audio and video, a multi-media library, a kitchen, a lounging space, guest facilities, a necklace of pools connected to a whole system of water channels, a farm-animal-zone, a central plaza with all the required comforts and conveniences, Eco-sciences zone and multi-research and experimental center for appropriate technologies, a place for studies, manufacturing and investigation of natural medicine, one, two or more buses for caravan on the road work, two or more pieces of seacraft for oceansong-lines work, casa lunar (women’s sacred space), casa debirths (birth house), children’s village, sky observatory, a multi-purpose hall for tribal happenings, a sacred area and temples for ceremonies, rituals and spiritual matters. It should have a public area for schools, health center, fully equipped workshops and laboratories, a globe-net Tele-communications system and administration center, press facilities, a radio station and of course we shall implement all the good down to earth projects and engineering such as permaculture, agriculture, aqua-culture, living machines, greenhouses, alternative energies, healthy organic architecture with feng shui, geomancy, biodigestors, organic latrines, appropriate water systems etc.”

Double Million Eyes big and wide digesting the bigger picture, Single Million Minds eagerly burning chips rapidly processing the ambitious vision... Many-Heads looks like a disturbed anthill, crazily swarming and boiling in confusion, at this point some heads within The General Public think that something like this is pure bull-crap and absolutely impossible and with a great lack of faith decide to live the scene, but the greatest amount of excited heads in a great metaphysical leap, break on through to the other side into The Dreamer’s dream for a sweet complementing of a collective honey-moon dream... and The Dreamer, now dreaming within Many-Heads expertly drives the full-void as it is; The Truly Thrilling Traveling Limbo-Bridge as The Scouting Frigate Galactica... The Exploratory Laboratory-Sky-Station of Good Hope, Many-Heads The quintessensical crew is moving on telepathic cue dramatically absorbing all the proper clues, and as if speaking to themselves but really speaking to The Alter-Native World and Associates far and beyond, the ultimate thunder of a chorus takes off with Million Rainbow Voices...

“Just think about this town, how do you want it?... please do come and spill your individual dream into the collective stream... what is these your wildest whim?... So It Shall Be”...

And the voices, “La-belle Cappella Maximum Harmonicus”...
powerfully free-fly-on spilling the 13 example choices...

“Do you want a real radical approach, no machines, no money, no meat? Or you want computers, internet and all those incredible tools? Could it be that your preference is that of a monastic persuasion? Or you want your act to be just that; a playful middle-age riddle or a party in cavemen disguise, Or mayhap that you want a traditional approach to ceremonial life and ritualistic agriculture? Or you rather have the total eclectic experience taking the positive best of the rest? Perhaps you want the base to be a particular life-style or a fancy fad? Or possibly you want it super-structured like a powerful machine? Or maybe baby you want your section to be an all scientist geniuses zone? Or you prefer an absolute straight farmers paradise? Or further more, you want it on the loose side of life, easy and lovingly relaxed? Or perchance you want the focus to be art and music, or mysticism and spirituality?... So it shall be. Then we will have 13 neighborhoods (calpullis), 13 different approaches to tribal truth, 13 different life projects, 13 symbols. One heart. ALTER-NATIVES RE-EVOLUTION. Tukipa Eco- Ceremonial Town. One Love, One People, One Destiny, 13 Calpullis...”

Swiftly zip-zoom in a magical move, getting back to their own individual heads The General Public is high in a heavenly haze, nirvanic daze... the dream-ship is shaking and dissolving... the massive lovemaking is pregnantly resolving... The Dreamer, trying to hold his head in place, dizzy and spacey for carrying so much collective dream-weight, waves Amigo-Head away that is making the moves to enter into the scene offering a friendly hand... after a moments rest The Dreamer looks much better and the dream is getting rounder and more up to date...

“Do you see the point? We all want it different because we all have different truths. There is not such a thing as one global linear rainbow philosophy. and for that matter no general Alter-Native philosophy, but, if we ever decide to implement one, i will suggest that we include openness, acceptance, diversity, tolerance etc. taking in the full meaning of these words with all of its implications...

Parallel to this, in other fronts the work goes on developing a global ethical frame work, where all First Nations People along with Earth Keepers, can fairly share work, goods, life and fun, then we should be implementing eco-socio-economical, spiritual and health related projects and provide needed support with native communities as a part of strategic measures for mutual survival. The same should be done with urbane tribes such as; Punks, Anarchists, Youth Gangs, Beggars and Homeless, Gays and Lesbians, Street Kids, Hookers, Freako Zone Creatures, Squatters, Activists, Chido Hackers, Cyber Gypsies, Trance Bands, Rave Ragers, New Agers and Wavers, Unions, and all kinds of Ngo’s.”

Absolute silence from Many-Heads... only the heavy breathing from The Collective Beast is attesting organic life... the dream is hanging on the air and The Exhausted Dreamer is taken away by the guardian angels... deep silence... then... one... two... three... four and the world turns upside down and The Amphitheater roars in applause calling The Great Dreamer back on... “bring him back on!” Amigo-Head at the microphone encourages The Great Beast... “bring him back on” Amigotron keeps on, but his own call is drowned into The General Public’s bigger call for more of the vision-dream...

Taken from: Luix Saldaña / Alter-Natives Re-Evolution

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