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Claus Sterneck / Claus in Iceland
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Wolfgang Sterneck
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Wolfgang Sterneck


The Cybertribe is a distant utopia and a living practice at the same time. It’s a fantasy but also concrete reality. It can be felt as a pulsating rhythm, can be lived as a changing energy, which connects countless small, often loose, communities, groups and projects. As a modern tribe the Cybertribe knows no limits. Its home is the whole earth, its everywhere and nowhere. Everyone who opens his or her eyes will see the signs, will understand the languages.

The Cybertribe connects the wisdom of ancient cultures wth the understanding of todays developments. It combinates the expieriences and perceptions of witches and shamanes, of resistence fighters and revoltutionaries, of hippies and communards, of hackers and cybernauts to use them for the the present and to envolve them for the future. In doing so individual and social change, inner and outer development will become a new unity.

The Cybertribe arises where manipulation is oppoesed by a new consciousness and reduction by new dimensions. It arises where the principle of competition is confronted with the principle of soldiarity, the process of destruction with the process of healing the politics of repression with the politics of resistance. Sometimes it develops absolutly unexpectelly, to disappear in the same manner. In some places it grows continuous step by step, in others it has existed for ages.

The Cybertribe doesn’t have a membership in the normal sense. Its not possible and not necessary to join it in a formal way. Sometimes it’s not even necessary to know the term or the ideas behind it at all. The belonging comes of itself, manifestated in the energies and acts of the person.

The Cybertribe is in all its appearances a rebellious scream against the omnipresent destruction. It’s a trial, a starting point to end and overcome this process for building a new culture on the ruins of the old system.
It’s possible to reach the stars, but only if we really try.


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